Why A, B & C?

Why choose All Billing and Coding Services, LLC for your coding training?

Because it's as easy as AB&C! We are fully dedicated to the field of Medical Coding and Billing and truly enjoy teaching new and seasoned coders. With over 30 years of experience and insight into many different practices and medical settings, we're able to help you pass the CPC exam and advance your medical billing and coding career. We also know that many of our students have not been in a classroom setting or taken a course in many years, let alone an exam. Rest assured that you will be taught test taking techniques and best practices to help alleviate some of your anxiety and help you focus. We strive for a comfortable, open, honest and relaxed learning environment that will allow you to ask questions, make mistakes and improve your coding capabilities.

What do we offer?

  • 3 & 10 week programs
  • CPC Review
  • Career Coaching
  • Test Administration
  • Corporate & Group Training
  • Online, Virtual and In-Person options
  • Personalized Instruction 

What makes All Billing and Coding Services, LLC unique?

  • We are an AAPC-approved CPC certification provider
  • We offer both online and in-person teaching and resources.
  • We are able to meet with you 1-1 if you desire more individualized training and/or coaching sessions.
  • We provide services to corporate businesses and medical practices for a full classroom experience.
  • But the most convenient feature of all is that we can administer the CPC Exam anywhere! We have found that students feel more comfortable and confident when they are able to be proctored and taught by the same person and in a familiar setting, alongside their colleagues. 

What exams will I be prepared to take with your course(s)?

Our CPC REVIEW COURSE will prepare you for certification exams with both the AAPC & AHIMA! You will be given access to online resources through the AAPC that will be invaluable not only for the exam but your coding career. Practice tests, scenarios, charts, etc. will be at your fingertips and on the go 24/7. You will have ample opportunity to test your knowledge and hone in on your weak areas for a better chance at passing the exam the very first time!